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By Jlaix_ Training Days With Jeffy

Тема в разделе "RSD", создана пользователем Faers, 7 дек 2012.

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    Faers Администратор Команда форума Администратор

    2 авг 2010
    Hey Jeffy here, I'm just about to shoot off to the airport, heading to Las Vegas where Tyler and I will be running a large program there. Our good buddy Manwhore will be a guest on the Bootcamp, so a rollicking good time is sure to be had by all, in the night. Here's where I'll be after that:

    <span style="font-weight:bold">December 21-23: San Francisco
    December 28-30: San Francisco
    January 3-5: Los Angeles
    January 10-12: Atlanta
    January 18-20: San Francisco
    January 24-26: Austin
    February 1-2: San Francisco
    February 12-16: New Orleans (w/ Tyler + Julien)
    February 19-23: Miami 5-Day Alumni BC (w/ Tyler + Julien)
    February 26-Mar 3: Miami 5-Day Alumni BC (w/ Tyler + Julien)</span>

    So, I'm going to Hawaii next week for Papa's wedding, which is awesome but also is kind of unfortunate because my old mate Alexander is going to be in San Francisco at that time running his Alexander Hotseat. From the reviews it appears to be a phenomenonal program, and unlike anything RSD has ever put out to this date.

    It's funny how we say that with almost every program we put out... because it's true. The corporate culture in and around RSD is suffused with the idea of constant innovation and evolution. It's only natural that Alex take the wisdom learned from the elders of game and apply his own alchemy to it to bring forth the next level.&nbsp;

    That's why we hired the guy nearly six years ago... we saw that he had the potential to be a huge asset to both the company and the community at large, and so we scooped him up. Along the way Alex was always chomping at the bit to be given the spotlight, and I always told him his time would come... when he was truly ready. Often times dude would get frustrated and feel like we were holding him back... I'm sure when I told him back in 2009, "realistically bro you're not gonna get a product until 2012" it seemed like it was a century away, but now all of the hard work has paid off and he's put out an unbelievable Hotseat that was well worth the wait.&nbsp;

    Anyway I was digging through my old hard drives and found a little video I put together that was shot during Alexander's instructor training phase in New York City, back in 2007. Kind of a blast from the past if you will. Much like Denzel in the harrowing police thriller Training Day, this video features lots of mayhem, including me vomiting on a lamp while watching late night christian television, Alex running opinion openers on girls on the street outside Sutton Place, and me masturbating with a belt around my neck (SORRY NOFAP CHODES XD):

    <div class="video"><iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/gJA2o9HaFRs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>


    So anyway got to head to airport but BEFORE I GO.... just wanted to make another announcement for teh HOLIDAYS.

    <span style="font-weight:bold">BEASTMODE SHIRTS NOW ON SALE AT REDUCED PRICE</span>

    <span style="font-weight:bold"><a href="http://www.heartofbeast.com">www.heartofbeast.com</a></span>

    When we rolled out the shirts last summer, we admittedly miscalculated what the market would bear and priced them a bit high. So we worked hard to find a solution that wouldn't compromise the quality, and finally worked something out where we could bring the costs down. So now we are passing that on to you.

    Also, the new NEON line of V-necks is being launched, along with the Girls v-necks, and they are now all available on the site! New styles include Jolt, Crack, Splinter and a redesigned Heart to Action!

    <img align="null" alt="null" border="null" src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d119/jlaix/bm_lookbook_print_high_res-11.png" class="bb-image" />

    <img align="null" alt="null" border="null" src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d119/jlaix/bm_lookbook_print_high_res-6.png" class="bb-image" />

    <img align="null" alt="null" border="null" src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d119/jlaix/yellow_jolt_04.png" class="bb-image" />

    <img align="null" alt="null" border="null" src="http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d119/jlaix/bm_lookbook_print_high_res-15.png" class="bb-image" />

    Makes an ideal Christmas gift for your wing, post man, or even your mom.&nbsp;

    <span style="font-weight:bold"><a href="http://www.heartofbeast.com">www.heartofbeast.com</a>

    </span>Thanks for reading my little blog and I'll see you next week, from Ellen Degeneres' vacation home in MAUI.
    <span style="font-weight:bold">

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